The Pecularities of Writing a Persuasive Essay – How to Write a Persuasive Essay

The power of persuasion requires not only revealing an ultimate desire to prove something or convincing someone but also having a broad scope of knowledge to support the claim with arguments\facts. Thus, sometimes the definition of persuasive essay contains the word ‘argumentative,’ which means that the author introduces numerous arguments to succeed in inducing the reader to accept a particular concept. Continue reading “The Pecularities of Writing a Persuasive Essay – How to Write a Persuasive Essay” »

The Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast essays are one of the most difficult assignments for students to complete. Is it the problem of structuring? Choosing the topic? Organizing ideas around a thesis statement? Seems like a bunch of knots which can hardly ever be unraveled. Well, I ensure you it’s not a big deal at all. Make yourself comfortable – I will not make you yawn. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay” »

Top 5 Books Every Student Will Enjoy Reading

The human race has invented a great way of transferring the knowledge from one generation to another. Writing books is perhaps one of the best ideas our ancestors had. It is much effective than a word of mouth and gives us an opportunity to stay on the shoulders of giants and contribute to their discoveries. That is why reading books still remains to be the main activity among the educated people who strive for knowledge. Being a student, there is still so much to learn. But we don’t have the eternity for reading all the books we have. You need to be picky and choose the ones that can improve your personality in some way. Here is the list of such books.

Top 5 Books Every Student Will Enjoy Reading

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The Secrets Of Successful Students

No matter what students may say, they all want to be successful in college. They’ve worked very hard to get to the college of their dreams. it would be irresponsible to spend all those efforts in vain and fail at studies. The pace of life changes dramatically during the first year in college and some students can’t get used to it. This is for the first time when you are completely responsible for your actions. There are no parents or teachers to control your actions and you have to learn to manage your time effectively. And some students seem to have no problem adapting to the new schedule. What are their secrets? Let’s find out.

The Secrets Of Successful Students

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Tips of Famous Writers for Improving Your Style (Infographic)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to write as good as Ernest Hemingway or Agatha Christie, there’s a way to make your dream come true. We’ve gathered some of the most helpful tips famous authors can give you in this post. You’ll get to know why it’s important to read your material out loud and how to invent your own genre. Find the unique style of writing using the new techniques and exciting secrets of your beloved authors.

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Why Higher Education Is Still Important? [Infographic]

It’s not a secret that a lot of school graduates are not sure of whether they have to go to college to get a decent job in the future. It may be enough to read the necessary books and pass several online courses to reach your goal. There are some great examples of famous billionaires who never went to college and still managed to become rich and successful. Can you be like one of them or it’s better to get the benefits of higher education?

Education Around The Globe

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There are numerous online services that can make your student life easier. Some of them are just for fun or inspiration; others can really help you with the most difficult assignments. This infographic will show you the benefits of both such services and you’ll know which one to use when you can’t get any further with your paper. VS

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Essay Writing Guide. The Whole Essay Writing Process in Just 5 Simple Steps.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the essay writing tips in one place? We thought that it’s a good idea and developed a special guide for you. It has a detailed description of every writing stage and how to cope with it faster and more effectively. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the necessary information because our college essay writing service has taken care of it. You can find every valuable tip in one place – in this guide.

Essay Writing Guide

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